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Recap - Prissi's Booze Cruise

The recent announcement of that guy banning travel to Cuba left a sour taste in my mouth, as I recently got to experience the destination via cruise. Its a very culturally rich destination, with great people. For those of you who didn't get to experience the destination, feel free to rummage thru my recap!

​I am not a cruiser. I’ve been on a few cruises over the years but I never fell in love with the concept. That was until I sailed the Norwegian Sky with a few of Prissi’s Travel’s Addicts (I’m playing around with names for my private facebook group, join here).

The Good:

Overall, The ship was the perfect size, not too big, not too little. I was sold on the open bar concept, and the bartenders all knew their stuff. Shout out to one of my new first time travel addicts De’ja who put me on to strawberry Hennessy’s (I will be recreating this in my home bar very soon) and my oh my was it good. I also enjoyed the food, activities, and I must say I was sailing with a great group of folks, and the people on the ship were just as cool.

The itinerary also was a selling point for me: a full day in Cuba, with a beach day on Norwegian’s private island. I enjoyed the culture, history, and scenery of Cuba, even though my phone was swiped by an unscrupulous person while taking a tour. The private island was nice for lounging, playing games and simply enjoying the crystal blue waters of the Bahamas.

The ship was recently upgraded and looks amazing. The staterooms, common areas and restaurants are all quite modern and easy on the eyes. I loved the spinnaker lounge, as it had a fresh vibe and provided great views of the ocean. I held a private party for my group here, so it also holds a special spot as one of my favorite places ON the ship.

The Not So Good

I haven’t sailed on a cruise since Beyonce and Jay Z’s initial on the run tour, I remember this because I dubbed that cruise the "on the rum tour". While I sailed with a different cruise line back then, I didn’t anticipate my NCL Cabin being so small. I should have upgraded to a balcony or suite for more space. You live and learn. 

Late night activities seemed to be lacking on this ship, a few of my guests complained about not finding anything to do after 1 am. This didn’t impact me personally, as I couldn’t stay up that late to save my life. I know Prissi is getting old, don't tell anyone.

I was really disappointed with the payouts for some of the games aboard the ship. I played Bingo and Deal or No Deal for a few days, and the prizes were pretty pathetic. The Bingo Jackpot dropped from $4000 to $180, I’m no  mathematician, but this percentage didn't make since and sucked big time. I had more luck playing left right center for $1’s with my friends, it had a better payout and lower buy in costs.

Would You Do It Again?

Hell Yea. Even with the few meh moments I throughly enjoyed the cruise. I loved the one on one time I got with my friends and clients, love the relationships I made with new clients, and I liked being off the grid (God has a way of turning sour movements (the passing of my phone). I loved the itinerary and I loved Norwegian. My group coordinator Marina was excellent and ensured my group had a great time. So yeah, I may becoming a  a cruise lover.

Travel With Us!

Stay tuned to our hosted trip page. We will be adding some exciting destinations to the mix, including Prissi's Booze Cruise Part II, which will be a Mediterranean cruise, a trip to a new resort in Curacao, and some other exciting surprises.  

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