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Book Your Travel Protection Coverage

I strongly urge you to consider purchasing travel protection.  You are able to use any reputable travel protection provider, I have listed my preferred provider below for your review. I recommend obtaining a cancel for any reason policy to obtain the maximum level of coverage, and reading each policy to ensure the terms adequately meets your coverage needs such and pre-existing medical conditions and other provisions. Travel protection from the supplier listed below must be purchased within 21 days from the date you placed your deposit or purchased your package. 

​***If you received a travel protection quote with your vacation quote, that is likely a supplier based policy, please review terms to ensure it provides the coverage you need. 

The Truth About Travel Protection

Travel Protection provides valuable financial protection against a wide range of unforeseen situations that can happen before or during your trip. Many people don’t realize this, but most of the time government health plan coverages, credit card coverages, or employee benefit plan coverages aren’t sufficient to cover your travel expenses, especially while traveling out of the country. 

Most people assume travel protection is mainly for medical emergencies, but in reality, there is a wide range of unexpected events that are covered, such as: 

  • Unexpected illness before your trip

  • Unavoidable travel delay — covers meals, accommodations, and more

  • Canceled flight/cruise (very common these days — think: bad weather, transportation strikes, mechanical breakdowns, etc.)

  • Lost or stolen personal items — reimbursement for necessary medications, clothing, jewelry, and other personal items. 

  • Natural disasters

  • Financial insolvency of a travel supplier — if a company goes out of business before you arrive, you don’t lose all that money!  - This coverage is not available with all suppliers)

The estimated cost of travel protection is about 7-10% of your total trip cost and can save you from headaches, worries — and in the event of a medical emergency, it can save you thousands of dollars.

Just like your car, health, and life insurance — it must be purchased before you actually need it. In this case, prior to your travel departure date.

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