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Dive into the world of wanderlust with Prissi Travels!

Where every journey is a celebration tailored for the empowered woman on the move! 


Celebrate Your Moments: At Prissi Travels, we specialize in curating custom travel experiences for busy professionals like you. From destination weddings to celebratory events, our focus is on crafting experiences that align with your unique goals and objectives. Expect surprises and hidden gems to unfold, adding a touch of magic to your travel adventures.


Tailored for You: Our travel experiences are more than just trips; they're a reflection of your individuality. We provide seamless customer service, guiding and assisting you at every stage of the travel process. Let us handle the details while you bask in the amazing experiences that travel has to offer.


At Prissi Travels, we understand the unique desires and spirit of the modern woman. Let's embark on a journey where every destination becomes a celebration, and every adventure unfolds as a testament to your empowered spirit. 

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Let's Meet Prissi

Hey, I'm Prissi the owner and lead Celebration Travel Expert of Prissi Travels. Born and raised in Chicago, I grew up with an appreciation of food, art, culture and music. An undergraduate degree in Business management led to a career in banking and government analytical support. My passion for travel led me to starting a travel company that aides professionals by planning their epic travel experiences so they can maximize their days off. I believe in faith, fellowship and fun. When I'm not traveling you can find me entertaining at home by playing both chef and mixologist, attempting to garden, training new travel agents, and striving to live a full balanced life.


Whether you’re planning a quick getaway, elaborate celebratory vacation (think destination wedding, honeymoon, or epic getaway), or planning a corporate incentive trip or retreat, you don’t have to go at it alone. Allow me to use my expertise, personal experience with over 150 all inclusive resorts throughout Mexico the Caribbean, 30 countries visited, and extensive network of colleagues to craft you the perfect travel experience.  

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