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Girls,Pitons, & Luxury Accomodations (St Lucia Recap)


So, 2019 started quickly and with a bang. A few sleeps after the the New Year ball dropped I was smack dead in the middle of hosting my first group trip of the year. In January, I travelled to St Lucia along with 13 ladies for a few birthday celebrations, laughs, cocktails and lots of fun. We stayed at the Hideaway by Royalton St Lucia and here is why you’ll love it.

Modern Resort 

The resort is super new (less than 2 years old) and super modern. I loved the views of the cove beach from my balcony, and hearing the waves crash on the rocks in the morning was a welcome start to my day. During our stay, Ravi, one of the managers invited us to a wine tasting that was super nice, and had some of the best cheese and small plates. Many of the ladies also raved about the after hours turn up in the sports bar, but unfortunately my sleep was calling, so I didn’t quite make it.

Adult Only Spaces

The Hideaway is the adult only section, including a restaurant, pool, and supersized jacuzzi. You also have access to the Royalton property, which is a short stroll away and features more restaurants, pools, and bars (including the sports bar). Royalton gets major kudos for being one of the only truly handicap accessible properties on the beautiful and diverse island of St Lucia.

Local Cuisine

While in St, Lucia I encourage you to get off the resort and enjoy the locals. I spent a day at Marie’s Fish Shack & Cool Beer Bar. Ms Marie (pronounced Ma-ree) makes the best rum punch I’ve ever tasted, and her food is DELICIOUS  I enjoyed fried bake with cheese along with a lunch of triggerfish, cabbage, rice and peas, and plantains. My belly was indeed happy.  Ms. Marie's bar sits on a nice beach where you can snorkel, or partake in a Segway tour which are given throughout the day. I ate and drank, and was happy.

​Step off the resort to enjoy authentic dining: Dinner at Jade Mountain, authentic dining experiences at Orlando's, or great cuisine as you 2 minutes away from the airport at the Ugly Mug. No no matter where you are on the island excellent food is nearby. 

Activities & Nightlife

St Lucia offers a lot to do, catamarans across the islands are a scenic and a great way to explore. Hiking the pitons is another bucket list excursion to try, I still haven't mustered up the strength. ATV, Zip Lining, Lime Crawls (similar to a bar crawl), shopping and more. Oh, I can't forget the mud baths. I took the group to experience the iconic mud baths and we left rejuvenated with skin so soft and refreshed. Its a must do for me whenever I visit the island.

For nightlife you must attend the Friday night street party. I would say book a private driver so you’re not attached to times set by a larger tour company. My driver Phillip explained the evening, gave suggestions on grabbing drinks and food, and even enjoyed a lime with us.  The DJ was jamming, the rum punch was flowing, and it was a great way to get out and enjoy the day with the locals. I can't wait to go back during carnival season this summer, I'm sure the dj, the crowds and vibes will be just as lit. 

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