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Destination Spotlight - Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is British territory and the largest of the Cayman Islands; Cayman Brac and Little Cayman make up the remaining islands. George Town, Is the capital of Grand Cayman and serves as a business and shopping hub for the Cayman Islands, and is also a frequent port stop for many cruise itineraries. Georgetown also serves as a financial hub for individuals looking to bank excess cash.

I spent 72 hours on the island and my major takeaway is its incredibly safe. I walked, rode public transportation and explored with great ease and a level of safety I don’t encounter in many destinations. The people are genuine and warm, they stay out of your business unless invited into it. Many of the locals also warned me against excessive drinking when I inquired about bars and lounges (insert major side eye).


Taxis can be expensive, it was as if my first three taxi rides were $20, no matter if I was traveling from the airport, up the road, or a longer journey. The buses provided a much more economical experience, at a flat rate of $2.50 US per person each way. The buses run certain routes but if you connect with a driver they may help you get to your destination, even if its off route.

Nightlife & Music

Grand Cayman is a quiet island, so if you are looking for nightlife plan ahead. I lost my phone in Cuba, so my plans were no longer accessible, which forced me to wing it, which had a bit of a slow start. I spent Friday night walking a country mile looking for a bar or club, I gave up before going to Lillies, which I found out the next day was where I should have been. This is not a turn up destination, if you crave the nightlife I would suggest visiting during their carnival celebration or other festivals.

Live music is easily found, from country, to jazz, to Carribbean. Many bars and resorts have bands nightly, I caught a Caribbean band at Peppers on Friday Night. The major takeaway is to know what you plan to do before you get there - or enlist my services to save yourself the trouble.

Activities & Excursions

Water-sports rule the island, so you can easily get lost with jet skis or parasailing. Snorkeling and diving are other major attractions, as many reefs and sites aren’t too far from the shores. Sunset sails, pirate cruises, and nightly dinner cruises are other ways to past the time.

Stingray city is a big attraction, and I’m pissed I missed it. A new friend showed me his videos and pictures, so I’m adding it to the top of my list when I return.


Sunday Brunch is a big deal. Brunch at Ave located in the Kimpton Seafire Resort, or Anchor & Den at the  Marriott are some of the top contributors. Some restaurants also offer brunch on Saturday, and a few spots offer all you can eat seafood specials. Deckers Caribbean Grill does all you can eat lobster on certain nights, so if you like the delicious crawlers check them out.

After brunch is the after party, the Royal Beach Day Club served as the gathering spot this

Sunday afternoon. We drank, two stepped, and I somehow ended up in the middle of the ocean in a dress on a jet ski

Outside of brunch you can find delicious meals at the high and low end of any budget. Spread is a delicious sandwich shop located at Margaritaville Resort. Tastee’s is a local Jamaican and Caribbean restaurant, its not luxe in decor, but what they lack in ambiance they make up in the flavor of their food. They also deliver!


Carnival celebrations, music festivals, and sporting functions are perfect reasons to visit the destination. You get the perks of your event and a reason to visit a new island.

If you have specific questions on Grand Cayman or need help planning your getaway, give us a shout!

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