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Travel is stressful these days. The airlines have 50-11 flight schedule changes, plus people are everywhere, as everybody and their mama are traveling with the constant elimination of COVID protocols. I don’t know about you, but when traveling I find that I need a bit of space from people, a touch of extra service and a complimentary cocktail or two to mentally prepare for the journey ahead. ​

Whenever possible I fly business/first class - I love the extra space onboard, the meals and the complimentary beverages, but the lounge access is really what does it for me. Certain routes/destinations give travelers complimentary access to the airlines lounge. You can also get access based on your status, a lounge membership, or a pass. Everything in the airport is 100% more expensive, so these lounges really come in handy with a light bite, glass of wine, free wifi, and a lil corner where you can chill. 

Fret not, if you’re not rolling in the premium cabin, or lack loyalty with an airline, you can gain access to many lounges by purchasing a day pass or with certain credit cards. To take your lounge access up a notch I suggest looking into priority pass lounge programs. This annual membership gives you complementary or reduced pricing , access to airport lounges at over 1400 lounges in the world, and some lounges give you a free guest. Priority Pass offers three tiers based on your level of travel. If you travel often, or just want more space in more airports I suggest taking a look. For a limited time get a small discount on the priority pass program by signing up here

Talk travel to me - are you team airport lounge or team wait at the gate?


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