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You Better Check It! (Things To Check While Traveling)

Listen, while traveling is rewarding, exciting, uplifting, and all the other utopia adjectives you can find, travel is also hella stressful. Below are a few tips to keep your travel related stress to a minimum, and guide you towards what items and behaviors should be “checked”.  

Check Your Bags

I'm a recovering over packer, so believe me when I tell you, you don’t need all that stuff. Whenever possible check your bags. This advice isn’t for those card toting team carryon members, this is for the rest of y’all. Checking your bags keeps things light and simple as your navigate the airport, which also makes for an easier flight as you aren’t lugging 36 pounds of baggage. If you do decide to travel with a carryon, make sure it’s the proper size for your plane. Also, check in early so you can grab the overhead bin space before it fills up (this doesn’t matter if you have a basic economy flight as they will always put you in the last boarding position). ​

Check Your Attitude

Listen! You’re tired, ready to go, irritable, and so are your fellow passengers and your flight crew. Be mindful of your tone and choice of words when interacting with others. They don’t know you,  probably don’t care about you either, so let’s just be kind. No one cares that you’re in the last boarding section. No one cares that you don’t have any bin space near your seat. Your huffing, puffing, and cussing will get you kicked off the plane. Kindness goes a long way, try it. Remember you are only in control of your own actions. ​

Check Your Hands

(Better Yet Keep Them To Yourself)

Ok, this should be a given. Please do not touch anyone else’s things, and please, please don’t put your hands on anyone while you are traveling. This probably only happens on select carriers, but I saw a person move another passengers items, and said passenger preceded to clock the person upside the head. This resulted  in the traveler who had their items moved being kicked off the flight. Please believe me,  it’s time out for who is the baddest person aboard an aircraft- its not the time nor the place, and the other 132 passengers just want to take off.  Learn to let things go, or you can end up on a do not fly list, and trying to figure out how you are going to get home from an island nation. Worry about yourself and getting safely to your destination. Even if you are provoked, it’s not wise to pop off on anyone while you’re traveling, and it usually isn't worth it. 

I hope these tips help to keep the stress down, and keep you aboard your next flight. The only people who should be checking anything during our travels are the TSA agents who help keep each of us safe. Check out our shop to review our new TSA inspired T’s….because only TSA can check me!

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