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Why You Should Plan To Visit Grenada Now!!!

Everything you need to know about Grenada ​you can find in this blog.

Grenda is a West Indies Caribbean island boasting tons of spice (as they are the worlds biggest supplier of nutmeg), lovely beaches and even lovelier people and scenery. Get into my tip 5 reasons of why you should add this destination to your 2020 must visit list.

  1. You need to go! Grenada is about to take off as new resorts from Kimpton and Royalton are expected to open next year, bringing many more of their followers to the island. Don’t get left behind, plan your trip now!

  2. Condé Nast voted Grand Anse Beach as the best beach in the world for 2020 and I agree. The waters are calm, the sand is soft and white, the sunsets are amazing, and my favorite beach bar Umbrella's has some delicious food to nourish your tummy after a day on the shores.

  3. Water sports- the island boasts some of the best dive and snorkeling sites. Don’t worry if you aren’t big on water sports, the staff at Aquananuts Grenada will coach even the scariest of non-swimmers to venture into the Waters. If I can do it trust me you can. Shout out to Chris, bugsy and the captain for making this the best snorkeling trip ever.

  4. Amazing history can be found throughout the island, venture on an island tour with a local guide as they give you some history and shows the hottest sites to visit.

  5. The island is best experienced out and about, so expect to get off the resort to eat, drink and be merry. Dancing, bowling, sailing on custom boats,  diving, golf and more..this destination has what you need. 

Bonus Tip - the spices of course. Nutmeg is king here, and a few steps off the plane you will know why. In addition great chocolate, vanilla, other spices and rum (rum is a spice to me) can also be easily accessible. 

I'm planning a trip to Grenada's Carnival, grab your spot before its gone....or let me plan your own custom experience. 

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