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What To Do In Grenada - Food, Excursions & More

While I wasn't in Grenada as long as I would have liked, I did manage to squeeze quite a few activities and excursions into my work trip. Let's get into a few of the things you can experience on this spice filled island.

Lets Make A Splash - 

Have you ever sailed on a custom crafted wooden sailboat? Me either until I stumbled upon this gem. It’s quite a  magical experience, and ideal for a sunset cruise. The staff are engaging, serving wine, spirits and snacks, and will stand in as your photographer in the event you left yours ashore. 

Perfect for a fun afternoon snorkeling or a dive trip. The crew at Aquanauts know all the good spots above and below water. They have access to the equipment you may not want to lug across the Caribbean Sea, and gives each guest enough personal attention to feel special but not bothered. 

  • Prissi's 2 Cents: I’ve been on a dozen catamaran snorkeling trips and have never dipped my pinky toe into the water. Usually when I say no folks let me be, but the staff at Aquanauts wasn't taking no for answer. The crew got to know me, then encouraged, explained, and held my hand as I had an amazing first experience floating in the Caribbean Sea...and I didn’t die. FYI if you didn't know, I'm probably the only Caribbean Travel Expert in the world who can't swim - I'll conquer this one day.

When The Sun Goes Down

A multi level, semi open air sports bar that’s boasts TVs, pool tables, and two main bars with ampleseating. Great for people watching and enjoying a game. On Tuesday nights Bananas goes into full

club mode, complete with a dj spinning hip hop, soca, and anything that makes you move. They also serve 2FOR1 cocktails - check before you go to see their current specials. 

Come with an empty stomach and shoes fit for dancing. This curated dining and entertainment experience should not be missed. Cuisine varies from jerk chicken, curried goat, ox tails, tacos, fried bakes and more. Beyond the deliciousness for your belly, the entertainment by Jeverson Ramirez and his band will have you dancing and sweating all night. This is

definitely a must do Grenadian activity. 

Where to Eat

A beach bar and grill that serves traditional and local fare.  Enjoy a sandwich with the catch of the day. The wings are friend to perfection with a variety of sauces. The restaurant also has a full bar and daily highlighted drinks. 

Boasts a diverse menu including steaks & chops, jerk chicken and pizza. The pizzas were surprisingly good, as I ate one too many slices of my friends pie. 

This is not just another beach restaurant. The food is delicious, pricing is fair and the service was exceptional. A nice bonus is the amazing beach that sits on the outside of the restaurant.

More To Explore 

Other things to get into during your trip to Grenada:

  • River Antoine Rum Distillery

  • Belmont Estate Tour  

  • Dragon Reef Bowling Alley

  • House of Chocolate 

  • Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station

By now you should be super excited to get started planning your Grenada experience. Don't fret when the information overload from the internet hits you in the face, set up a free consultation with us, or jump right into planning your trip with us. 

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