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What Do You Need To Plan Your 2021 Vacation?

Hey y'all hey!!!!

​Are you aware of what you need in order to plan a vacation? We’re talking about right now, at this very moment, today. Let’s get into what you need to plan your 2021 vacation.  ​

Step I - The 3 W's

First things first, if you want to plan a vacation you need to have an idea of where you want to go, when you want to go (dates),  and if you are really being fancy why you want to go to this particular destination. Has this destination always been on your must visit list? Do you want to travel somewhere tropical, or perhaps cultural? Have you always wanted to wake up in a foreign destination on your birthday or anniversary? Are you interested in an instagram worthy destination to inspire your followers? Whatever your ‘why’, own it and share it with your travel agent as you plan your 2021 vacation.

Step II - Show Me The Budget

Next thing, what’s your budget for this vacation? A vacation budget is simply what you allocated to spend on this experience, not what you can afford. Often people start off with I don’t have a budget, however after a bit of chatting we come to a range that they want to spend on their experience. This handy dandy dollar amount will determine if the 3 W’s you set in Step One are a possibility. Fret not, if they aren’t I will provide you with some alternative destinations for where, when, and why you can travel that fits within the range you want to spend.

Step III - Let's Get Booked!

Once we narrow down the 4 W’s, where you’re going, why you’re going, when you’re going, and what you’re spending - we are now ready to book your experience. You should expect to purchase and/or lock in your package with a deposit soon after receiving your quote. Most deposits on packages can start from  $300 per person to the  full costs of the experience. Deposits depend heavily on where (and when) you are traveling around the globe. Also, payment plans can only be made on trips a few months in the future, (I say a minimum of 3 months in the future)m as the final payment can be due within 6 - 8 weeks of the date your trip starts.   ​

In three easy steps we identified what you need to have in order to plan your 2021 travel experience. If you are still unsure, consider joining me on any of my hosted travel experiences. Also, stay tuned to my IG and FB pages as I highlight packages to worldly destinations throughout the month.

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