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Venture Off The Resort

In Today’s competitive vacation environment, hotels and resorts are becoming bigger and better than ever. There is a resort for every type of traveler, offering every amenity one could imagine.


As resorts continue to expand on their offerings, for some travelers it makes it harder to get off the property and actually explore the destination. Excursions and local activities are great ways to learn about the people and culture in a particular destination. These activities allow you to impact the local economy, support a cause by volunteering, or perfect a skill such as cooking or dancing. At Prissi Travels we build relationships with local guides, to ensure you an authentic and safe experience. For us, the fabulous resorts and hotels are only a small part of your vacation experience.

​On your next trip, venture off the property, support a small business, and/or grab a local beverage at a quaint bar. You can thank me later. 


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