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Traveling With Valuables

Updated: Jan 30



Oftentimes when traveling, it’s common to pack your favorite items, which can include expensive jewelry and watches. I understand wanting to display your personal style and having multiple accessories to wear with each unique outfit. However, if the risk to reward ratio is too great, or your vacation would be ruined if your valuables were lost or damaged, it may be best to leave those items at home. I once lost a diamond earring at a country club, and that is the only detail I recall about that vacation experience.

If you must travel with your jewels take the following precautions:

 • Always lock valuables in your safe when you are not using them

• Use the do not disturb sign as an added layer of protection

• Don’t tempt the devil by walking around being overly flashy 

• Consider a cheaper alternative to your wedding ring or favorite piece of jewelry

• Less is more, don’t travel with too many expensive options, one is enough


Travel stylish and travel smart. 

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