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Resort Recap: Hammock Cove

This resort first hit my radar last winter. I was attending a trade show and I met a gentleman named Ron. Ron boasted that his company had the best resorts within the Caribbean islands. I shrugged him off, I mean every rep thinks their company is the best,  who am I to argue? Ron went on to tell me about their newest resort, Hammock Cove, and how it’s the sexiest, has the best beach, and their food and beverage service can’t be topped. I guess Ron sensed I wasn’t a believer. We said our pleasantries, parted ways and a few weeks later he sent me an invite to personally come and see the resort for myself. 

Fast forward to November 2020, Covid changed a lot in regards to my travel schedule. Between numerous Covid-19  testing, constantly changing travel authorizations and regulations, folks travel shaming and more, I finally got around to redeeming that free stay I received from Ron. 

Let’s get into! The resort is a collection of one bedroom villas. Modern decor welcomes you as you enter this nicely appointed suite. The suites contains all the amenities needed for a romantic getaway (or if you’re single like me, an adult only escape with your bff). King bed, work space (for those folks who have to check an email or two), and a walk in closet I wish I could have taken home. 

The bathroom is a dream, it’s massive, has the sexist two person walk in shower I’ve ever seen. The shower tile is a collection of rocks (which acted as a natural loofah for my chubby feet), you also have the rain shower head as well as the removable shower head, so you’re guaranteed to have a perfect shower. 

The star of this villa is the outdoor living area. There’s a hanging wicker swing, a fully stocked fridge (complete with wine, beer, water & four fifths of booze), a dining area, a lounging area. In the age of Covid this resort is perfect as you don’t have to leave your suite. You also have your own private infinity plunge pool which faces the Atlantic Ocean, I didn’t want to leave this suite at all. 

There were 2 restaurants with daily changing menus, room service, a main lobby bar, a rum bar, a sports bar. It’s a small, intimate property and the food and beverage selections were excellent. Lorenzo the day bartender allowed me to select from their massive spirit list and put together my own rum tasting - I think I impressed him with my rum knowledge. Martiza kept us entertained and hydrated throughout the afternoon and into the evening. My Butlers Darryl & Kenya made sure we had everything we could need from breakfast,  to champagne, to golf cart rides around the resort, I miss them already. When you pursue excellence, you don't need tons of options -I guarantee you will be pleased at this property. The property also has 3 infinity pools, enough space to spread out with your partner. and socially distance - or get social if you like.  

If you are looking for luxury without the cheesy entertainment or cookie cutter menus you definitely want to give Hammock Cove a try. This property is ideal for honeymoons and romantic getaways.

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