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Prissi's Travel Scoop - Single Supplement

So, you’re planning a vacation or joining a group trip and you can’t quite understand the single supplement. It's almost as if you are penalized because you are a single traveler or don’t have a roommate. I hate to say it is what it is, but it pretty much is.

​A single supplement is a travel industry fee (or penalty) paid by a single traveler occupying a room or a cruise cabin without a roommate. This fee can be as small as 10% or as much as double (100%) of the single rate. Generally, there is no way around this, but occasionally resorts and cruises may offer promotions canceling the single supplement. A few cruises have also introduced single cabins, now we just need resorts and hoteliers to follow suit.

Your only recourse is to pay the supplement or get a roommate. Roommates can provide their own level of uncertainty (stay tuned for the tips on selecting a roommate blog), especially if said roommate isn’t fully committed to taking the trip.

You may pay more, but enjoying a room to yourself comes with a few advantages. For starters it's just you in the room, and on group trips the solo respite can come in handy when you just want a moment, to yourself, in paradise. Dress codes are another thing you don’t have bother with when you have your own room. Temperature preferences, snoring, music selection, tidiness, late night/early morning conversations  are a few other factors you need not concern yourself with when you travel without a roommate.

Personally I’m team no roommate, as I love having my own room, I gladly pay the single supplement. I view it as a deposit on living my best vacation life.

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