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Prissi's Group Scoop - The Group Leader

So you want to be a group leader?

Traveling with family and friends is amazing. Whether you’re traveling for a wedding, milestone birthday, celebratory event (promotion, graduation, holiday), family reunion or just because.  However, do you feel your group falls apart before it truly takes off? 

I compiled a list of tips to help make group planning a bit easier. ​

Hire A Travel Specialist

​Using a travel specialist, such as Prissi Travels, takes a lot of work off of you the group leader. We know the destinations, flight routes, resorts, applicable promotions, and can curate an experience that aligns with your goals. In addition, we offer payment plans and financing options that may be attractive to some of your guests. ​

Everybody Ain't Going -Embrace it

Last spring I was being geniuses and offered three different people a totally free vacation experience, they just had to show up. One didn’t have a passport, another had to work, another person didn’t want to go without their spouse. Hear me, and hear me well, everyone you invite is not going on your trip, and often it has nothing to do with cost. Plan a great trip, embrace and enjoy who shows up, and be great. 

Keep The Committee Small

The more people you include in the decision making process, the harder it is to get anything accomplished. Keep your decision making committee small, I say less than 3 people, as everyone’s preferences, budget, and taste level is different. If this is to be an annual event you may rotate committee members, but trust me you do not want a dozen hands on deck when it comes to making decisions. ​

See It Through To Completion

Set your dates, plan your experiences, and commit to traveling whether you have 5 or 45 people to attend. Embrace those who rock with you and enjoy your vacation. The first time I planned a family trip it ending up being me and my sister and a few friends. Most recently we went to Cancun with a dozen family members. Slowly but surely the group size is growing, but I commit to enjoying each trip, with each person who shows up.

Are you thinking of planing a group travel-experience?  Set up a complimentary consultation to discover how Prissi Travels can make this process seamless for you!

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