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Prissi's Group Scoop - Don't Count Their Money

When it comes to cash, regardless of if a person has a lot or a little, you can’t dictate how a person will spend their loot. People do what they want with their money and most of the time, their decisions have nothing to do with you or your travel event.

With that being said, picking the cheapest destination, staying at a no frills resort that doesn’t fit your personal vision, or using a low cost air carrier (you know that carrier whose service is equivalent to a giant floating balloon tied around your waist) will not guarantee someone’s attendance at your travel event. Heck, even picking up the tab is not a sure way to guarantee attendance. Ignoring all your wish list desires won’t guarantee someone’s attendance at your travel event. 

When deciding on a wedding, milestone birthday, or other celebratory event, definitely budget a reasonable range for your guests, but don’t go so bargain basement that you lose out on the key elements that you want. Also, I find that giving people more time to pay works better than picking the lowest of the low resorts. If you end up with a small amount of attendees you will be heartbroken of all the concessions you made- trust me I’ve done it. 

In summary, stick to your guns when planning your group trip. Embrace and appreciate those people who support your vision and attend your celebration. Realize that everyone isn’t coming, and many times it has nothing do with finances. Be happy, and travel with those people who want to travel with you. 

Do you need help or inspiration planning your destination wedding, milestone birthday, or family travel experience? We are here to assist, complete the travel inquiry form or set up a time for us to chat.

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