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Prissi's First Class Dilemma

I want to be totally transparent with you. I have a love hate relationship with flying first class. I’ve taken hundreds of flights over the years, and I can count on my hands how many times I’ve flown first class. It’s not that I don’t like the service or amenities, because baby I love it. Having a dedicated flight attendant, being served my beverage of choice, a light meal, free bags, complementary lounge access, and let’s not forget the big ol’ comfy seat. What’s not to love about first class?. ​

To understand my dilemma let me take you back. I am not rich, hella comfortable, hella grinding but not rich.  I grew up not realizing I was poor until I had an aha moment on why my mama said no to 80% of my childish requests. I was taught to pinch every penny imaginable, it was a lot of us and a few resources. My mama taught me how to squeeze a bugger out of a President Lincolns nose. Baby I can calculate the unit cost of anything, - a roll of toilet tissue, a chicken breast,  Clorox wipes, you name it I can break it down ensuring I get the best value. I was raised to get the most bang for my buck, and if you have extras to put them in a safe place. 

So with my upbringing, the current state of the economy, I feel hella wasteful in first class. I can use those extra funds to purchase another flight, I can save that money, or I can use that cash to donate a goat to a family need half way around the world. Let's not forget I'm building a business, and I have tons of expenses. Whew child, you see my dilemma, are these first class flights justified? Are these flights necessary? I guess time will tell. 

Regardless of if first class tickets are justified or necessary, deep down I love it, and I feel that I belong at the front, for each and every flight. I have a bit of soul searching to do, plus a meeting with my accountant to see if this is the move I should take. Stay tuned, I’ll be coming back to you from a flight real soon, I just can’t say if I will be in first class or economy plus - don’t get it twisted, I need a lil splurge on my flights. 

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