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Keep The Bugs Away!!!

A little known fact about me, I don’t sleep well. Sometimes I can read which helps me doze off. Other times Netflix’s rocks me to a deep slumber. But every so often. I’m just up. Usually I’ll catch up on emails, other times I’ll cut on the news, but when I’m really feeling adventurous I turn on QVC. 

What I love most about the shopping networks is easy pay. You can literally buy a rocket for 4 easy installment payments of $39.99. I’m here for the flexibility, even though I usually pay in full because I hate small bills. 

By now you’re asking, what the heck does QVC have to do with a travel blog? No worries, I’ll spill the tea, they sell travel accessories!!!! 

The other night I was up, and QVC was up with me, and they were selling these handy dandy portable bug repellents. I’m familiar with the Dynatrap Brand so I logged on the website and low and behold these folks take PayPal. Take all my money, because not only can I pay $5 a month, you can’t take it from my PayPal, which means I don’t have to cut on every light in the house to find my purse. 

Anyway, I brought a portable mosquito get thee behind me unit because the mosquitoes in Antigua & Jamaica ate me alive. I want to test the product on my travels, and you may want to do the same, hence the purpose of this blog. 

Happy Travels & Random QVC purchases! 

P.S. I cannot guarantee results of this product, I am not an affiliate of QVC or Dynatrap...these are just my confessions.

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