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Hotel Review - Kimpton Seafire Resort

Kimpton Seafire Hello!

As I first entered the property I was blown away by the design. I felt like I walked into Beyonce’s living room of her Caribbean oasis, complete with the most beautiful Ikat rug and table configuration, large pool table tucked in one corner, ample seating space that scream boy whisper something sweet in my ear, and the views of the blue Caribbean ocean peaking in at you reminding you that you are not in Kansas anymore more, Dorthy you’ve arrived in paradise. 

The property is moderately sized, about 260 rooms The building itself is raised, so from the lobby or the Ava restaurant  you look down over the grounds and a pool that sways through the middle of the resort.  The beach is expertly maintained,  with umbrellas and chairs placed in the most perfect locations, while Watersports and other beach activities go on in the distance. The rooms have so much swag, you will debate if you want to leave or not. If you are in the presidential suite I would wager your time outside of that room would be limited, as it has EVERYTHANG, kitchen, grill, dining area and 2 impeccable bedrooms. Like where do you need to got besides the beach? 

Beachside restaurants fill the air with smells of deliciousness, and the master mixologists craft cocktails from scratch. I do not like Pina coladas,  however I will fly back to the Grand Cayman to get just a sip of the Pina cold that was made for me. I truly believe my mixologist personally climbed a coconut tree, then cracked it open and emptied it of its goodness, chilled that goodness, added some fresh pineapple and somehow swirled a golden rum thru the concoction. Good is an understatement for how this property handles food and beverages. In my Tony the tiger voice, "It's Grrrrreat". Don’t skip out on brunch either, its held on Sundays from noon to 3 and is a magical treat. Reservations are required for this event and they do go fast. Also, make sure you are back at the property for happy hour at 5pm, it allows you a complimentary glass of wine and small bite of deliciousness from one of the restaurants, its was definitely a great start to my evenings.

Some people shy away from Boutique properties, as some can be a tad bit conservative or pretentious. This is not a problem you will encounter at the Kimpton Seafire. The staff are allowed to let their personalities shine bright. This was evident from  (insert wedding coordinator names) whose hair gave me subtle purple reign vibes (I will love Prince forever, so enjoy all the references you can get), or someone photobombing my picture as I tried to capture the awesome bar in Ava . Its fun, a vibe that is contagious and welcoming, and real. 

The Kimpton Seafire is a boutique resort (non all inclusive) that will be perfect for weddings, romantic getaways, baby moons, girls retreats, and small family gatherings. While its fab, well traveled children will also appreciate this resort.

​Are you ready to pack your bags? If so, contact us so we can get you on your way to paradise.

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