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Global Entry Vs Mobile Passport

What are you using to zip through the airport? The last several years TSA Precheck and Global Entry have given me life (or saved my life depending on my how late I may have arrived) while zipping thru airports. I never batted an eye until I was coming back from St. Lucia and the Mobile Passport line had about 10 fewer folks waiting than the Global Entry line. So I’m curious to know what are you using?

What Am I Talking About?

TSA Pre-Check

For those that don’t know - TSA Precheck is a paid service that allows you access to a priority line for clearing TSA at most US airports. You aren’t required to remove shoes, laptops from backpacks or lightweight jackets. I would steer clear of wearing an arm full of meta & goldl bangles and bracelets (this is really a note for myself as I always travel with courage bracelets).

Global Entry

Global Entry is a paid service that allows you priority access thru customs once you are returning to the states from your International jaunts. Bonus Fries - If you purchase Global Entry you get TSA Precheck free, so for me it was the better buy, and maybe $15 price difference. Once you get off the plane you scan your passport in a kiosk, have your fingerprints scanned, and get a receipt to give to the Customs rep. Easy peasy.

***In addition to the costs, TSA Precheck and Global Entry require an application and interview to vet you, you can find more information here.

Mobile Passport 

Mobile Passport is Free 99. Its an app that allows you to create a profile with your passport information. On your way home you load your info into the app, the app shoots out a snazy barcode, you then get off the plane walk into a line and show the Customs rep the code, and then you wait for bags, lol. Its free so its so much better than standing in the general population line with 300 other passengers who just deplaned.

So as I waited, I wondered what the dill pickle was going on, but it also prompted me to practice what I preach and try out this Mobile Passport lifestyle (I always advise clients who don’t have Global Entry to download and use Mobile Passport).

So, how are you zipping thru the airport?  Let us know in the comments section.

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