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Flying Above The Clouds With Frontier

Air is tricky, and forever changing, so I try to do my due diligence and fly with as many carriers as logistically possible, to advise my clients on what they can expect. This is my second time flying frontier in the past two weeks, let’s jump into my top observations.


Arm Rests

All of their arm rests raise up, like all the way up! This is a major for us plush girls, as my hip can use a bit of extra room, and I’m sure dude in the middle seat appreciates this as well. 


The crew is fun and engaging, which is a major plus. No one likes a stuffy flight crew, especially on an early morning flight. 


Frontier has yearly and seasonal nonstops to a lot of the Caribbean destinations I love to visit,  such as Punta Cana, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta. I will take a nonstop any day, so I'm stoked by this. Now if we can get more nonstops, specifically to Los Cabos and Jamaica from Chicago, I would be all for it.


Cabin Noise 

The cabin seems quite noisy, I felt like I was riding a lawn mower. It could be the model of plane, but I also noticed this on my last flight with this carrier.  I got no sleep, but did manage to push out this blog, so its a win.

Tray Table

The tray table is more like a sun visor, I don’t get why it’s so small, or what purpose it serves. I drank my Jack so fast because I was scared this tiny table would fly away. 

Non- Reclining  Seats

While this isn’t an issue for me, I’m sure those who aren’t used to sitting in an “L” shape may be bothered. My car seat sits in an L, which is the way my cousin describes my car seat. 

Overall I’m cool with Frontier, I can deal with your quirks  as long as you keep these Caribbean nonstops coming. 

Will you fly frontier? Let us know.

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