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Celebration Recap- Le Blanc Cancun

Hey Girl Hey!


No matter the occasion, Destination Weddings, Birthday Trips, Baecations or Girls Getaways, Leblanc Cancun is always a good option. My friends and I went down to celebrate a birthday, as well as a makeshift girls trip (it was technically a semi-birthday trip for the male of the group, but so what, lol). Continue reading to learn more about our experience.

My bff’s boyfriend was celebrating a birthday, so instead of throwing a party, we opted to take the party to Cancun. Mexico is always a good idea.  In these pre/post Covid times, I knew Mexico and Le Blanc would deliver an experience that most resembled what we are used to when frequenting Luxury All Inclusive resorts. 

The ride to the resort was super quick. I think it took longer to retrieve bags and walk outside to our private shuttle, than it did actually driving to the resort. This gets major points, when you are geeked to get your vacation started you are not interested in a long drive to paradise. 

As I am a Palace girl, as well a Palace Pro Agent, my expectations were set high. I expected an amazingly fresh and posh smelling resort, quick check in, a delectable welcome drink, and Le Blanc delivered on this and more. I loved that the resort was relatively small and an impeccably stocked lobby bar was steps from the check in desk. We took a few shots of Don Julio 70 limited edition tequila, and got things popping. 

Le Blanc wowed me. The resort management and staff were on the ball with the birthday celebrations. While I put in the request for birthday amenities, I was wowed when they upgraded my room as well. The Chocolate pinata provided to the honoree, as well as shouting him out and putting his name on the massive TV in the resort lounge were an added bonus. I know he felt special, and I felt like I played a vital role, as I made the recommendation. Big up to his very special girlfriend for selecting the best of the best for her bae. 

Ok, back to the resort. Food here is an experience. Everything was delicious. I had a lump crab sandwich, lamb, pizza, pool side churros, seafood pasta, street tacos,  and more. I literally grew tired of eating, as it was so good I didn’t want to leave a bite on my plate. The highlight for me came from the steak house. We ate at this restaurant twice as it was so delicious. The birthday boy ordered a Tomahawk with his resort credits (if you don’t know about Palace’s resort credits, message me we will talk) and I had to be told to stop eating his steak. All Inclusive resorts are great for trying things you wouldn’t normally try, lets just say those Tomahawk’s hit different. Regrettably, I can’t tell you a thing about room service, as I fell asleep on it every evening, that just means I must return to give you the skinny on the room service menu.  

During the days, the girls will play.  We would start our mornings with aqua spin or brunch, pick one. Our afternoon were spent lounging in our private beach cabana. Smoking hookah, playing games, listening to music hits differently when you have two pool servers ensuring your glass is filled with Moet or Strawberry Henessy’s. The girl time, as the birthday boy ran away from the sun, was nice and needed. 

The butlers at Le Blanc are super helpful and attentive. They made reservations, decorated rooms, confirmed our pick up times, and all around made us feel taken care of without being overbearing. It was nice having someone stand to greet you, inquire about your day, set up your aromatherapy and draw a bath. I need a butler in real life….hmmmm.

I would highly recommend Le Blanc Cancun for adults seeking to celebrate any occasion in a luxurious, carefree, setting that appeals to their senses and allows time for relaxing and a light turn up. I cannot wait to return.


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