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Best Thing | Sky Princess Cruise

I travel a lot, and in an attempt to not bore you with 5,000 word reviews of each trip, I will highlight an aspect that I really, really, really enjoyed from each of my travel experiences. As I'm pretty boring, you'll likely find a reoccurring theme over time,  but we will cross that bridge on another post. So let's jump into the Best Thing Series- Sky Princess Cruise Ship edition.

Liquid Gold, pirates bounty, giver of life, are all terms used to describe my favorite export from the Caribbean - Rum. To be honest, I don’t know if any of these are used to describe rum, but just keep following along - you’re here now. 

I had the opportunity to attend the inaugural sailing of the brand new Sky Princess cruise ship. The ship is a beauty, and a tech lovers dream - the medallion does everything from allow keyless entry to your stateroom (you don’t have to take it out your purse either - it was slick), serves as your onboard purchasing account, and allows the crew to easily remember your name and what you’re about. It’s definitely a great ship, and I’ll be returning for another sailing one day. 

One of my favorite spots on the ship was the Good Spirits Bar. This bar is a craft cocktail lovers dream, and to make it even more special they do live demonstrations on a huge flat screen teaching you how to make the drinks. You also get a recipe card for each drink they make for you. If only I had more time, I would have scored every recipe card on the menu. 

My fave drink was the Cartagena Cool, with a name like that I expected to be in strong like from the first sip.  It’s a rum based old fashioned and quite delicious. Initially the chocolate and orange ingredients had me wondering if it would work for my palate, but surprisingly it was awesome. 

In addition to the bar giving speakeasy vibes, the staff was super attentive and engaging. Ryan from Canada was my favorite bartender on the ship.  Check him out below.  

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